Is Free Keyword Research Software A Necessary Tool?

What is keyword research and why does anyone want or need free keyword research software?

Have you ever written anything that was posted online and you want people to be able to find what you wrote?

If so, it's important that the best keywords are used so search engines such as Google and others can find you. That's known as search engine optimization (SEO). Using an SEO keyword research tool before posting something takes a lot of the guess-work out of whether or not you're using effective keywords.

Is free keyword research software something that needs to be installed on a computer so people can search and find what I wrote? If so, what's the best keyword research software?

The answer is you don't need software and don't need to install anything, although you could if you want. There are other tools available. As for which is the best software, it may be a moot point.

Alphabet soup

A free tool that can be used without having to install or download anything is the alphabet soup method using Google.

The way it works is you start with one word. The word can be any word relevant to what it is you're writing about. Enter the word into the Google search bar. A list of choices will appear.

Assume the word you're using is soup.

After the first list of choices appear, start with the letter "a" and enter it after the word soup. Continue through the alphabet, entering each letter after the word soup. A new list of choices will appear for each letter, which give you a slew of choices to choose from.

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It's a great way to find keywords and it's cost-effective. However, the actual effectiveness of the words themselves may or not be what you hope for.

There are also free keyword research tools that allow you to measure the effectiveness of the keywords.

The best free keywords research tool

If it's not the best, it's one of the best. It's called Jaaxy .

The way it works is you enter words into the search bar. From there the tool will provide you with how many times that word or phrase has been searched in the past month and how many times those searches were taken to the next level and clicked on the number one website using that word or phrase. It also tells you how many other websites are using the same search terms.

Ideally, you want to use search terms that are being used in as few other websites as possible. You want to eliminate as much competition as possible. If there are more than 400 other sites using the same words you're using, it's probably best to look at some of the alternatives that will also be provided by Jaaxy .

It will also provide you with either a green, yellow, or red dot, which indicates the effectiveness of the word or phrase. Green is best.

The first 30 searches are free. All you need to do is start a free account. If you like it and think you can use it on a regular basis, you can upgrade to premium membership and get unlimited searches.

Try it.

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