Is HostGator A Reliable Web Hosting Company? Find Out The Truth

Whether you are a website developer, a blog site owner, or an e-commerce entrepreneur you will need a web hosting company to keep your site up and running in the world wide web.

But choosing the best one can be a source of major headache as there are plenty of companies that offer such services out there. If you choose the wrong one then your website will suffer greatly from this mistake. Pick a winner however and you will be gifted with a successful venture in the internet.

HostGator Web Hosting Services is one such company that offers solutions to your web hosting needs. Why can you put your trust in HostGator? Scam artists in the web are so many so what is the guarantee that this company is not one of them?
The HostGator scam is out of the question

Reputation built on performance and reliability. HostGator is a web hosting company which is based in Texas, USA. It was established in 2002 to provide site hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers to anyone in the world requiring these services.

On this HostGator scam review we have discovered that today, the company is a top-ranking official partner to over two million satisfied and grateful clients who turn to it for their hosting demands. Their client base is a mixture of companies as well as individual personalities who demand only the best web hosting services which is ably provided by HostGator.

Why choose HostGator? Because they have been around for over nine years in an industry full of upstarts and spammers. Why risk doing business with a company that lacks the experience and proven track record of reliability that they offers?

The more than two million satisfied customers of Gator is concrete proof that Gator is the best web hosting company for you.
Excellent up time rate means more business for you!

Few companies can beat the 99.9% up time from the reliable server of HostGator. Scam offers in the internet advertise an up time of 100% but don't you get fooled by this. In fact such a seemingly enticing up time is one of the easiest ways by which you can identify companies that are only out to get your money. If a company says its up-time is 100%, quickly walk away as such an up-time is impossible because all sites will experience some downtime in the future.

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And why is an up-time important to you as a customer? Because you don't want your site to be bogged down frequently as such downtime will mean losses to you in terms of revenues and lost opportunities. You don't want to drive visitors away because your site is always down. And that is why you need HostGator. Scam or bad services and other competitors can only promise while HostGator really delivers.

Still not impressed? Well the company offers to refund your payment for 45 days if it fails to give you a 99.9% up-time. The web hosting company will not give such a guarantee if it is not confident about its quality of expertise.
More storage and larger bandwidth

Internet sites are getting more and more complicated these days as Internet users require high quality video and audio contents to get them glued to your site and to make them coming back for more.

The problem with other web hosting companies is that their infrastructure limits such space demanding contents from being uploaded to your site.

Not so with Gator. It has invested much money to equip itself with sufficient storage space and bandwidth to handle your most demanding site requirements. Not only does this allow you to attract more visitors through your creative audio and video placements but additionally your site will not be prone to lagging when your site experiences high traffic.

HostGator has designed promos and bundles to meet your most stringent demands at prices that will surely make you smile.

Moreover, HostGator provides unlimited MySQL to cater to your future expansion requirements.
HostGator scam review final thought

So why choose HostGator? Scam companies will literally rob you of your money, other competitors simply cannot match Gator proven track record of performance and reliability. HostGator scam review believe that this web hosting company can give you the best deal when you are looking for a web hosting company.

Source by Christine J. Martins

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