IZigg 90210 Mobile Media Advertising

iZigg is a Company that started earlier this year in 2010. iZigg has developed a business model offering the individual the ability to obtain his / her own Mobile Media Agency License. With this license the individual may sell retail accounts to businesses or individuals and earn a commission on sales. Here is some information on exactly what iZigg is, and what they offer to businesses on regards to a sms texting advertising platform. The mCard: The iZigg mCard offers individuals and businesses an ability to share their personal information or promotions through the use of a single text message. As a personal branding tool the mCard replaces the need to ever use a business card again. Allowing an individual the ability to instantly connect by sharing their information and receiving the other person's information in seconds. The mCard is also perfect for businesses that want to run a simple promotion and have users send in a text to receive offers or product information. There's never been a greener way to communicate with the mCard.

iConnect: iConnect offers groups, organizations and businesses with a complete mobile communications platform. Through the iConnect plan the user will be able to create an opt-in list of subscribers as large as they desire. Start by creating two keywords that your members or customers can easily remember and text to 90210. They will be able to easily join your group, receive an enrollment offer and receive subsequent messages. With the ability to instantly send your messages via either our easy to use mobile dashboard or your mobile phone the iConnect plan can send updates, alerts, new product announcements, coupons and more. You can even setup and run a raffle within minutes with iConnect.

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iConnectPro: iConnectPro offers all the benefits of the iConnect plan with an additional 3 unique keywords and an added 3,000 messages for a total of 5000 messages per month. This plan is ideal for larger businesses, churches, schools, and organizations. The plan offers a number of easy to use features such as our scheduler, detailed reporting and the ability to create an unlimited number of groups. You will be able to create specific accounts for any team member with only the access you'd like to provide. iConnectPro can fit the needs of a single location or a regional business operation.

iConnect Unlimited: iConnect Unlimited is perfect for businesses with multiple locations, club owners, corporations or businesses that want the assurance that they will have an unlimited volume of messages to connect with their audience. iConnect Unlimited comes with all the features of the iConnectPro.

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