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Keyword Research – The 3 Types Of Search Criteria

Keyword research is the art and science of finding the most highly profitable and highly targeted keywords that allow marketers to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. When conducting keyword research, there is a certain formula that you should use in order to find the best keywords for your niche or industry. In this article, I'm going to break down keywords into their most basic form and identify the 3 different types of search criteria.

Broad – Broad search results are the most common type of results when it comes to keyword research. Whenever you use a search engine like Google or Bing, and you type in a word or a phrase into the search bar, the results that you get back are 'broad' search results. These search results include any variation of a phrase or word. Broad search results will generate the largest number of results, but they are by far the least targeted results.

For instance, let's use the term 'tree'. If you type tree into the search bar, you will get every result with the word tree in it. It could be pine tree, cutting trees, I have a tree in my backyard, christmas tree, burnt tree, etc. There's virtually countless variations of the word tree, and as you can see, they results aren't targeted at all.

Phrase – Phrase search results are right in the middle. They can be pretty specific but they can be not targeted either. The main idea of ​​phrase search results is that the words that are together must be stay together, no matter the search results. Since it's a phrase, it would have to be at least two words for this to make sense.

For instance, lets use the term 'cat toys'. As long as the phrase cat toys stays intact, there can be words before or after the phrase. You could have results like white cat toys, cat toys for sale, rubber cat toys, etc. I think you get the idea. You can see they are more targeted than the broad search results, but not as specific as the next search criteria.

Exact – Exact phrase results are exactly what they sound like … they have to be exactly matching the search term. If the term was 'deep sea fishing equipment', someone would have to type in deep sea fishing equipment for the exact search results to come back. As you can imagine, you get the least results this way, but you do get the most targeted search terms possible.

If you were entering a market or niche, it would be advisable to find the exact search phrases for your industry or niche and build your website or create your content around those words. Why, because it's usually easier to achieve higher search engine rankings with these types of keywords versus any other types.

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