Keyword Selector Tools – Choosing the Best Tool For Your Keyword Research

So what keyword phrases should you pick for an article that you are writing for your website? Well if you stop to think about it, it really isn't rocket science. You are looking for words or phrases relevant to your article, which are searched for by a large number of people on a daily basis. Now obviously most such phrases would be used by fellow internet marketers to promote their websites. Hence the competition is fierce and to achieve a high listing would be difficult. Therefore of equal importance is the level of competition from other sites your keyword phrases are up against. Ideally you are looking for phrases which get masses of searches each day but which have relatively few competitors using them.

As you can imagine it's easier said than done locating these particular keyword phrases. Niche marketers use a variety of tools to help them make their choices. There are free tools available and this is where most newbies begin. Indeed the use of free tools may be all you need provided you are prepared for some hard graft. Paid for tools, generally speaking, take a lot of the hard work out of the process, freeing you up to work on other things. Let's take a quick look at some of the keyword selector tools available.

If you look hard enough you'll find several many free tools available. The Wordtracker free tool and the Google AdWords free keyword tool are two of the most popular amongst marketers. The Word Tracker tool simply gives you a list of possible keywords and phrases together with the number of searches they are getting. The Google AdWords tool gives you rather more information, much of it aimed at an AdWords campaign, which is hardly surprising given its name. When I started niche marketing I used both these tools, the Wordtracker tool I found very useful for long tail keywords.

However, even though you can identify many keyword phrases which you can potentially use because they are highly searched, any further competition analysis would have to be done yourself or by using other search tools. It does therefore take rather a long time to come up with keywords that are highly searched and have relatively low competition. If you look hard enough you can find many other free tools available, some far better than others. Myself I wouldn't go any further than using the above two tools if you are using a free keyword selector tool.

More advanced keyword selector tools usually cost either a one-off fee or possibly a monthly amount. They frequently add other features which help with your overall SEO campaign. Some of the more popular ones with internet marketers are not really just keyword tools. They are really SEO tools which have as part of the package a keyword tool built in. Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai are two of the leading products currently available. Both are excellent at identifying keywords and phrases which are highly searched and have low levels of competition, if that is your requirement. If you become proficient in their use and in other SEO techniques you may become less bothered by having low levels of competition.

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If you get your link building strategies in place you can target highly searched for phrases which have masses of competition and still do well in the rankings. However, initially I suggest going for the low competition phrases ie the long tail, as it will be easier to gain decent levels of traffic by doing this. The beauty with these two tools is that you can find out about the strength of the competition and not just the numbers of competing sites because after all a relatively low number of high authority sites would provide far greater competition than a million sites which do not carry any authority.

The Wordtracker paid for tool is also excellent and has a great reputation amongst small businesses. Obviously if you have been using the free Wordtracker tool you would be familiar with the style and presentation and the free tool is quite clearly designed to whet your appetite so that you invest in the monthly payment package. Keyword Elite 2.0 is another tool used by many niche marketers for keyword research and SEO work and produces good long tail keywords.

If you have no time to devote to keyword research at all but finances are not an issue, then there are plenty of keyword services out there whereby a third party does all the research for you and simply e-mails you the results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Instacash Keywords are an example of this type of service. Personally I wouldn't recommend a newbie to go anywhere near these services as you need to take action immediately upon the information provided or you will end up out of pocket.

If you're looking for a keyword tool to use then start with the free tools, get a feel for how they work and what you're trying to achieve. This requires an investment of your time but it will be worthwhile. Once you are confident you know what you are doing, then, and only then, you could start to think about opting to use some of the tools that require a cash outlay. I currently use a couple of paid for tools all the time for my market research. Just make sure you research the tools well before parting with any cash and make sure the tool you buy does the job you're looking for it to do.

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