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A marketing calendar creation tool should do more than just provide a calendar template and highlight some holidays. Unless you're a holiday website, holidays are really just part of what's on your calendar. And to some extent holiday mentions are great for Facebook but not necessarily fodder for your site.

And while a calendar template is cool, you don't typically live your life with a template. A good marketing calendar would have two calendars involved. The first calendar would be an overall annual look of the business plan. And the second calendar would be more of a micro look at your business.

You really need a micro calendar to manage your business. With soccer lessons, customer questions and family life, a micro calendar will help you figure out how to actually get the work done. For instance if you're working on dominating the 4th of July Firework niche, the micro calendar will help you determine what amount of work you can get done this week.

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The macro "big picture" calendar would include things like when to start publishing your blog posts on 4th of July Fireworks and when to finish. It would include things like holidays, product launches and site specific events. The macro calendar is intended to be the inspiration for the day's work and thus the base of the micro calendar.

A good marketing calendar creation tool will also teach you how to use Google Trends, Google Analytics,, WikiAnswers, and a keyword tool. Only when you combine them can you put together an effective marketing calendar. is a great resource to determine when you should start your efforts and work on any given campaign. While you may guess that Valentine's Day search traffic begins in the middle of January, it is in fact in full swing on January 3rd. With Google Trends you can make sure you don't miss any of the search for a given keyword.

Google Analytics is a good resource as well. A good marketing calendar creation tool will show you how to harvest keywords, trends and themes from your Google analytics account. While analytics is just a reflection of what you've built and doesn't represent what your audience really wants, it does show you when people are finding you and what you're indexed for.

A good marketing calendar creation tool will also teach you SEO logic, and how to use the autoresponder effectively.

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