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A marketing manager is someone who is responsible in determining the demands of a particular service or product. He is also responsible for knowing how the competition for a particular industry is going, knowing who the potential customers are and finding ways on how to market these different products. Thus, a company which is in need of a marketing manager must have a job description for the said position within the lines of someone having a degree in management or marketing and having experience from other companies with the same type of work as the most important ones . Aside from those mentioned, some qualifications include being someone who knows how to strategize especially when it comes to marketing products, having adequate knowledge of the English language and being computer literate. Meanwhile, the more personal qualifications should include being responsible, being a good listener and being a good team leader.

The mentioned qualifications specifically the more personal qualifications should be included in the summary of qualifications that is written immediately after the contact details. The contact details should include the name, contact numbers, address and email address of the applicant along with a picture. A quick mention of the degree earned and the number of years working should also be included in the qualifications' summary. After the summary, a more extensive description of the educational and work experience background should also be placed on your resume.

Each company looking for a marketing manager might have different qualifications while some intend to look for more specific qualifications. For instance, one may specifically look for someone who has the experience in evaluating activities regarding marketing and if you have that said experience then you should include them on the qualifications list of your resume. A resume should be personalized to allow it to give a very good impression. Your resume is very important that it may actually be the key for you to get the job that you want.

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