MLM Sales – Building a Network Marketing Sales Funnel That Runs on Autopilot

Building an Effective MLM Sales Funnel

It is no secret that in order to construct a successful multi level marketing organization that you need a continual flow of qualified people to speak to. It is all about exposure. These people / leads are the backbone of your MLM organization. The more leads that you can expose your company to on a daily basis the more victorious you will become.

Producing multi level marketing sales funnels is by far the best and most useful way to get the exposure that you need. If done correctly your MLM internet network marketing sales funnel will be capturing, qualifying, warming up leads and even putting them in your organization for you 24/7 on autopilot. This by far is the best way to leverage your time and efforts. When you set them up they will continue to work for you without grievance until you close them down.

Key Components of an Effective MLM Sales Funnel

Your MLM Sales Funnel should consist of the following key components

1) Keyword specific marketing

– There are millions of people researching the internet daily on topics related to your product or opportunity. Use Keyword research to find phrases that are searched for frequently but that have few websites competing for that phrase. Then make informative Marketing pieces (Videos, articles, Etc …) with a link to your Capture page to get additional information.

2) Custom Lead Capture pages

– These are small pages intended to capture your prospects contact information. This page should brand you as an expert and also give a persuasive offer (free training, etc ..) in exchange for the prospects contact details.

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3) Autoresponder

– "The Money Is In The List !!!" You deliver your free offer from above through your auto-responder. This is where you keep your prospects contact information (your list) .This is also where you follow up on autopilot with your leads giving them great free value and also sharing your opportunity as well.

The best MLM sales funnels really do not sell. They just guide the participants down a path of their own choosing, giving them great value along the way and in the end makes a warm recommendation for something that would solve the problem or be the solution that the consumer was searching for.

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