New Business Book Summary: One Piece of Paper

Most organizations produce mission statements and leadership styles that are weighed down with corporate jargon and do little to explain who they are and where they are going. In One Piece of Paper, Mike Figliuolo offers an alternative to empty jargon by showing leaders how to create short statements about who they are and what kind of leader they wish to be. These statements, called maxims, should be short and memorable enough that a person can write them on a single piece of paper. Armed with short, direct, and authentic statements of a leadership style, managers can create relationships that are more authentic and lead to success for their organizations.

Mike Figliuolo offers readers the following advice:

• By relying on corporate speak and buzzwords, most organizations have a default leadership style that is shallow and inauthentic. In trying to follow styles that do not resonate with who they are, leaders and managers are unable to inspire trust in the teams they lead.

• An authentic leadership style comes from mining one's own background and looking for situations that have a deep emotional trigger.

• Leaders are responsible for creating the vision of where an organization will go; managers are responsible for doing the daily work that gets the organization there.

• The trick to helping employees grow is to assign them tasks that they are not yet capable of. This challenge is a powerful way of keeping them engaged.

• A truly authentic collection of leadership maxims will cover a leader's entire life experience and reflect every aspect of who the leader is as an individual.

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• Leaders must have direction in their own lives before they can begin to lead others.

• The best leaders lay out a desired future state, and then mold the world around them to make it happen.

One Piece of Paper by Mike Figliuolo is a good resource for anyone who has recently been assigned a leadership position. Individuals who are responsible for managing a team will find the book helpful as they establish their own leadership styles. Figliuolo challenges his readers to start from within, and accept responsibility for their own behaviors and actions toward those who they manage and those who are above them in the corporate chain of command. After readers establish who they are, they will be able to determine how they can successfully lead others in a way that is authentic. Included are an extensive index and an appendix containing the list of maxims that Figliuolo used in each chapter. These maxims are meant to be a guideline for readers to create their own maxims. The book is intended to be read from cover to cover.

Source by Alyssa Gigliotti

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