Online Portfolio – The Essentials of Creating a Super Effective Site

Are you an artist, freelancer, designer, writer, photographer, or do you have any other type of hobby or business where a portfolio style website is a must-have? Having a place to show off and promote your work online is a very important ambition if you know the feeling. Today, we are going to look at some of the essentials of creating a super-effective portfolio site to promote your work.

First Things First …

There's a little bit more to creating a "rockstar" portfolio site beyond just putting up your latest or favorite work. It certainly helps to give some thought to the real motive behind the site. In other words, are you just after showing of your latest creation for fun-or, are you thinking more about promoting your services through your work? Both principles are well represented by portfolio sites … it's just that the objectives are a little bit different.

The Gallery Portfolio Site

If you're strictly creating a portfolio website to display your creative works-or in other words, if it's going to be more of a gallery than anything else-then you really have a full license to use all of the artistic freedom on the site that you see fit. This holds especially true if you'll be mostly promoting your site through word of mouth, social media, or the like.

However, please be aware that this style of site might look great-but when it comes to search performance (SEO) and convincing your visitors to hire you or otherwise pursue the services you offer, chances are good that you'll need to put in a little bit more practicality (as painful as it might be!). This brings us to ….

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The Selling Portfolio Site

Really, this type of site that represents your services or items for sale, in addition to showing off your works for example purposes, tends to be a little bit more traditional in its requirements. After all, you'll most likely want it to draw in a good portion of its visitors from the search engines or other online traffic sources.

So what this really means is that you'll need a more complete web design-one with all of the features and optimized content to both attract traffic and successfully promote visitors to take the next step and further pursue your product (whether it be a service or a physical good). The bottom line is that you'll need to give considerable thought to sales-forward written site copy, along with earning trust from your visitors.

Do you see how different ambitions require different web development strategies when it comes to portfolios sites? There's a big difference between an online gallery and a portfolio site that's designed with a goal in mind other than just showing off your creations.

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