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Origination – How To Be Creative and Innovative

Now that we have transitioned out of the Information Age into the Conceptual Age, looking to be more creative and innovative has never been more in vogue in terms of ones marketability. So how do we learn to stand out in a crowd of eager independent thinkers flooding today's workforce and gain altitude in the world of recognition? Here's a subtle but powerful point to consider. Sometimes it's helpful to look a little deeper into semantics, especially in those times of feeling solemnsistic. (Speaking of semantics – solemnsistic is a term used by author Howard Gardner explaining that state when you understand something, but you're unable to convey it to others)

When I contemplate on the word origination, multiple ideas spring forth for me. As I mentioned, many of us in these times are trying to discover how to be creative and innovative to a greater degree as these two adjectives have now come to represent the business world top priority in terms of what they're looking for from potential new employees. Statistical studies have totally verified this. Your IQ and technical know how compared to your creative and innovative strengths are now secondary in most employers eyes.

So here is what the word "origination" gets my "imagination" to consider in terms of "creation" and "innovation", and you're literally seeing my point as you read this, the interrelationship of these terms. Being truly creative and innovative is built upon the foundation of being imaginative and originative. Although this may sound like poetic redundancy, there is logic to this progression. Any act of creation or innovation begins with your imagination, that ah-ha moment when you've literally pulled an idea from nowhere, out of your imaginative capabilities. Imagination in a sense is the prequel in this scenario.

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That being said, here is where "my" imaginative capabilities took me to … here's the trick. By making sure to bring your ability to be original or originative into the equation and then coupling it with your imaginative capabilities, you're now on your way to the golden goose, the magic ring, the infamous winning ticket. It is the marriage of the originative to the imaginative that separates you from everyone else , and personalizes your creative and innovative endeavors. This is what separates you from the pack, that ability to shine not only because of your creative and innovative strengths, but because of the originality of your ideas. An imaginative look at the word origination clearly tied this all together for me, an indication of the power of semantics … think Noam Chompsky.

To be a successful creator or innovator, you need to be an imaginative originator, not an imitator. Is this more poetic redundancy? Maybe, but it's a damn good point.

Source by Jake Kot

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