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Project Management With Gantt Chart

The name "Gantt" comes from the man named Henry Gantt who created the Gantt chart. It is a bar shaped graphical representation. Often used to describe some statistics or mathematical quantities. Its common and most appreciated use is in project scheduling.

No matter to which field you belong, you are a teacher or a student, engineer or an IT person; Gantt chart can be of your use. Web based work in IT often takes aid of these charts. It expresses the current status of the project in more detailed manner. You can have a look on the project performance and minor details via this utility.

How to write a Gantt chart? .

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The main advantage of this chart is that you get a quick look at the project timeline. Important stuff can be quickly monitored. By following some easy steps, you can make a Gantt chart.

  • List down all those activities that you want to map on the chart. Try to go by sequence or prioritizing the activities. You should be clear that what should be done first. Once clear about the flow, all will be quick and easy. The hardest and most time consuming process is the thinking of a list.
  • After a detailed thought process and list preparation, the next thing you need to do is make a budget for it. Check which activity needs how much of your investment and is it really important to be spent on. This decision can help you from future worries. Invest smartly and safely. Be wise in selection. Make rough drafts of the activities and check if you need to drop a few lame ones to make your project bit productive. Better to be safe than to be sorry.
  • The main reason we use Gantt charts in projects is TIME allocation / scheduling. Observe your list again to make sure how much time should be spent on what activity. Time is a valuable asset and needs to be allocated wisely. Try to focus on the priority and plan accordingly.
  • As you review your activity list again and again, be sure you put them in sequence. Flow should be smooth in order to accomplish a project. As you will reach end of each activity, this end should be a step to bring you more close to the destination; your final goal. In other words, the output of one activity should be helpful in next coming activities.
  • When all is set and in a proper stream, the next thing comes is the final step; making of the graph. You can make it on a graph paper or you can use software like Ms- Excel. Map you activities and time line properly. Define time units whether the time is in months, days, years or so. This can be your rough sketch of the graph or the draft.

After a draft of the graph is made, try to re organize the graph by giving it a second look. Check if you plotted as your need and didn't miss anything important. Add more details like team names, resources allocated etc. Once you do all this, your project will be in a pictorial form available for all the organization. You can use many from the available software to make your task easy like; Gantt Designer, Gantt Project, Ms- Excel, Ms- Power Point, Ms- Project.

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