Reseller Web Hosting – How to Start A Web Hosting Business


The last decade is clearly relevant of the fact that internet market and its uses are exploring. This is the only reason why every tenth individual in the world feel that he / she should own a website. This has extended hosting companies a helping hand to diversify in large numbers. The latest development in the world of online industry is reseller hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting or reselling refers to a type of hosting, in which you sell the already owned hosting to several clients under your name, notwithstanding the main provider of hosting.


You can gain better knowledge of reseller selling with the help of an example.

Assume that you purchased a reseller-hosting package from provider who facilitates you 10000 MB web space and 100000 MB bandwidth. Now you have to decide whether to sell out this in further packages or to put it for your own use.

You can allege them to pay in accordance with the space and bandwidth given to them. The payment you will receive will only be yours ie you are not required to share any amount with the company from whom you have owned the package.

Choosing the Best Reseller Package in 5 Simple Steps

  • Platform: the very first and most essential step in the choice of a reseller-hosting provider is choosing the platform of web server, which is being put in use by the provider, ie web server access on LINUX, WINDOWS or UNIX. You have to look after the needs of the customer. Many of the customers make the use of open source technologies like Python, PERL or PHP etc. to fulfill this you can go for Linux based server.
  • Features: After deciding the platform, the consequent step is to think about the features that the customers are usually in search for. It is usually noticed that the customers desires of the following features like Disk space, Sub-domains, Databases, Bandwidth, Back-ups, Script like PERL, Python SSI, CGI etc, E-mail and FTP accounts, and Server uptime.
  • Cost: normally the price quotient of the package lies in between Rs.9000 to Rs.13000.
  • Support: If you are being provided 24/7 support services in terms of domains that you will host, technical issues and several interconnected issues then do not think much and buy the package.
  • Go with the best: before opting for a reseller-hosting provider, you are required to take into consideration different reseller hosting providers. Plan up your work and then select according to it. The provider, who is facilitates you with good reseller hosting plans and services opt for him.
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Starting The Reseller Hosting Business

  • After buying the hosting package, create a website that facilitates certain amount of hosting.
  • Distribute the package among several customers and then allege them to pay accordingly.
  • Draw a comparison in the market and the charge from customers in accordance.
  • Keep in mind the fact that there is massive competition in the market. Thus, charge from your customers lower than the market.
  • If you follow this then there exists all opportunities for you to engage more customers.

By this you can host your website as well facilitate others with the hosting they desire. If you blessed with intelligence then you will be able to make excessive amount of profits. However, you should be certain about the fact that reseller-hosting provider from whom you have purchased the reseller hosting is a leading source and facilitates you with almost all the services. This would extend a helping hand to you and even your business.

Source by Deepak D Rupnar

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