Search Engine Optimization And Marketing Analyst With Good Copywriting Approach

Search Engine Marketing requires optimizing the keywords as per the competitiveness and the fitting of them in the content. An SEO copywriting involves creating informative, easy-to-read content with both the reader and the search engines in mind. Once the content is done, it is put in the web site to garner the attention of the search engine spider and the readers as well.

If the content is search engine friendly, there is every possibility that the content gets indexed in the SERP (Search Engine Return Page) in the high page ranking. In doing so, a content writer needs to be an SEO analyst and he must know the requirement of the readers and must possess some amount of the knowledge in the search engine.

SEO writing is not merely inserting several disjointed, thesaurus-sounding keywords into the copy, for the sake of the rank high in search engines. Content overstuffed with keywords will not help in this regard. The planning stage for search engine copywriting requires the consideration of the density of keywords in the content. Heavy keyword stuffing is not a good attempt. The search will see this as some kind of deliberate action to fit the keywords into the content, and it is called spamming; that way there might have been a possibility of being banned by the search engines. Therefore, one has to be very much careful about search engine copywriting.

SEO copywriting is not that much difficult but just a little bit complicated. Following some tips, one can easily attain the professional expertise to write content keeping in mind the elite SEO rules.

Basic Rules for copywriting for search engine optimization and marketing:

Keyword Info

To begin with, it is advisable to have the knowledge of the keywords optimized for. Once you start writing the content, please remember to include the keywords therein. It is better, to have the keyword info beforehand and then just complete the content, and depending on the circumstances, just fit the keywords in the content. Focusing your copy on only two or three primary keywords or keyword phrases will help a lot to get the best the best result.

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Keyword Frequency

There are several guidelines. There is a “3% guideline” which states 3% of your words should be the targeted keywords. Anyway, this is just a guideline. There is no fixed rule to attain this 3% ratio. This rule varies from chapter to chapter. The content should be promoted by your writing flair and that it has to entice the customers and the search engines. Just do not spoil your copy by forcing keywords where they just do not fit.

Target Audience

It is also very much required to have a proper info about the website for which you are writing the copy. The information first prompts you to have a sound knowledge about the target audience. That reduces your toil largely.

Text Length

Generally, 250-500 words article is better in the web site. The search engine can read it properly. Make sure to have the keywords fitted in the first two to three paragraphs as the search engine spider does not go deep into your content. This way you can help the search engine finding the relevant keywords. Try avoiding the images as much as possible, as the search cannot track the images. If, however, there is a necessity, you can use the Alt texts on the images.

Using CSS

It is a good practice to use the CSS or Cascading Style Sheet as it allows you to tell a browser how to present your page. CSS approach separates the presentation style of the documents from the content, hence simplifies site maintenance. One can easily maintain the visual appeal of the text in headings through CSS.

Meta Tags

It is very much needed to have the Meta tags (Keywords, Title, and Description), that is also a part of the SEO copywriting. The common viewers are not expected to see the Meta Tags it has become inevitable to have the Meta Tags in the HTML.

Update the Content

It is a good practice to have the content updated at an interval as human eyes always want to see something new in the chosen field, it is very much mandatory that one should have practiced this disciplines.

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