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Seven Crucial Do's & Don'ts to Improve Your Triathlon Coach Salary

At the time this article is being written, the average triathlon coach salary is right around $ 60,000. But for every triathlon coach earning that amount, there are a dozen others squeaking by with moonlight jobs and second careers to support a low triathlon coach salary. In this article, you're going to learn seven crucial do's and don'ts to improve your triathlon coach salary.

1. Do Outsource. Spending all your time trying to figure out how to make a website, post articles, create a blog or edit video files? Free up your time and use online sources like Guru, E-Lance and ODesk, where you can get tasks done by experts for fractional costs, and for a lot less time than the task would take you, freeing up your valuable time for helping your athletes and marketing yourself.

2. Do Automate. If you don't use online training software like TrainingPeaks to automate your workout calendar creation and athlete workout delivery, online credit card processing services to automate payments or software tools to automate nutrition evaluations, you're spending needless time doing repetitive tasks.

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3. Don't Limit Yourself. Remember that you're not just a triathlon coach. You can teach swimming, cycling, running, resistance training, and maybe even nutrition too. Be sure to offer these services in addition to triathlon coach.

4. Do Think Big. Worried about a massive advertising campaign, series of clinics and camps, or too many clients coming your way? Enhance your triathlon coach salary and replicate yourself. Make plans to hire other coaches as independent consultants or employees, and provide them with the same tools that you use to manage athletes.

5. Do Time Your Marketing. The average triathlon coach salary peaks around October, right after Ironman World Championships, when everyone is inspired to go do a triathlon, and they're looking for a coach! Plan for this by offering special and discounts during this time.

6. Don't Work for Hours. If you work eight hours a day and charge $ 50 an hour for face-to-face triathlon coaching, you're going to be working long days, and then burning yourself out answering all those questions via phone and e-mail from the people you spend time coaching during the day. Limit your face-to-face time, and instead focus on providing value through writing plans and consulting or advising based on those programs. Spend at least 50% of your time creating products that you can sell without actually walking up and down the side of a pool, standing on a track, or teaching a cycling class.

7. Do Create Information Products. One of the biggest things you can do for your triathlon coach salary is to put your knowledge on paper. Write down the areas in which you have expertise, then create useful pieces of information based on these areas. Turn these pieces into e-books, audio products, books or DVD's and sell them to triathletes. It's simple and a win-win situation for you and your athletes!

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