Sources of Inspirations of a Web Designer

I am a web designer. I admit that, it isn't always easy to find the right design for my clients. The main reason is of course everyone has different tastes. And different industries have different norms. Below is a non-exhaustive list of sources that inspire me. And help me to better guide my clients.

The first thing I do is a general research. In this research I take a look at the websites I can find in the same industry. This will help me to better understand specific needs of my clients. I also ask my clients to show me websites they really like and show me their competitor websites. I also make sure to ask them the colors they like the most. It is important that the colors they like blends well with their corporate identity. Corporate identity is the combination of their logo and the colors they have already used in their past promotions, advertising materials, business cards etc. I also try to get some idea of ​​what design elements my client likes the most. Design elements are such things as fonts, social media icons, sliders, display of featured work and so and so forth. At this stage most of the time I have a fair idea of ​​my clients needs.

Next stage is to investigate if what my client needs could be accomplished by modifying an existing design or if the design and development work needs to be done from scratch. You may ask me where I ind an existing design I can modify. This is a process of looking through template sites. If I can find a decent design that can be modified to match my clients needs. I am in luck. This is because the existing design will help me to work considerably less. Which will make the end design work much more affordable in the end. And most of the time my clients are happy if I can provide lower rates without compromising from the quality of the end result.

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But this isn't all I need to stay at the top of my work and to get inspired. I also continuously keep an eye on web design galleries and award winning websites. I read design books & magazines to follow trends and I follow tutorials to keep myself up to date. And I am on continuous look out at the work of my fellow colleagues do. If I see anything I like I will either take a mental note about it, make a bookmark to the work they have done

Source by Metin Galimidi

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