Starting With Marketing Academy Week Five Review Building Your List With Articles, Forums and Blogs

Dean Holland's Starting with Marketing Academy provides a six week crash course to give you the basic building blocks needed to get started making money online. Week Five's module, World Wide Winners offers more strategies on driving traffic to your blog and building your list.

World Wide Winners
In module 4 Dean covered list building and reminded us to keep focused on list building so in Module 5 the term "World Wide Winner" means branching out from the class and promoting our blogs to the general public. The previous 4 weeks have led up to this point: creating an attractive, lively blog, loaded with helpful content and now it is time to promote your blog. Dean covered several methods for going off in different directions:

Forums are a group of like minded users who get together to swap ideas, information and even do business together. Dean's advice is to regularly participate in different forums, asking questions and offering advice. Direct selling, posting affiliate links or directly promoting your blog is discouraged and could even lead to you being banned so post wisely!

My new favorite promotion site is EzineArticles, although there are other article submission websites, this website provides the best exposure for promoting your blog's content. You become an "expert" by posting 300 to 500 word articles, with an emphasis on writing keyword rich article subject titles. People searching on Google find your articles, and then can click on a link to your blog. But does it work? After 3 articles have been published, 62 people have viewed my profile or clicked on my blog link!

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Other Blogs
Similar to forum posting, by stopping by other popular blogs and making friends, posting comments and asking questions, you can encourage people to clink on your posting link which contains your website address for your blog. Dean recommends using Google Analytics to pay close attention to which blogs may be referring traffic your blog and even keep a spreadsheet of the most successful ones so you can measure success and return to those blogs for more posts.

The last module in the Starting with Marketing Class will cover videos, the latest way you can create valuable content and product promotion on the quest to build a bigger list and drive more traffic to your blog and other websites.

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