Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Plans – How Many Do You Need?

How many step by step affiliate marketing plans do you need? The answer to that question is easy. You only need one. It just has to be the one that you apply, test, modify, re-apply, modify again, and retest, until it works.

There are many step by step plans available if you search for them. There are plans for article marketing, pay per click marketing, email marketing, and probably dozens of other approaches. There are plans you pay for and plans you can find for free.

But how do you know which of the step by step plans really work?

Remember what I said about only needing one step by step affiliate marketing plan?

  1. * Pick a plan *, any plan.
  2. * Take action with each step * of that plan.
  3. As you take each step * evaluate the effect of each of those actions *
  4. If the effect is positive * do more of that *
  5. If the effect is negative * stop that approach to that step * and
  6. * Try a different way * for that step

Repeat 3 through 6 until you can answer "Yes" to the following question:

Have I given this plan every effort I possibly can to make it work for me?

If you can answer "Yes" to that question, but you are not making money online by following that step by step affiliate marketing plan, have someone you trust review the steps you followed and ask for feedback. It's easy to find someone who is willing to give you this kind of feedback by joining a membership site for affiliate marketers, whether a free site or a paid site.

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Because you have already tried something and have evaluated each action you took, you will be able to ask very specific questions. When you do that in the affiliate marketing forums like those at Warrior Forum, Digital Point, Internet Marketing Center or Wealthy Affiliate, you are much more likely to get helpful advice.

Source by Christopher D Anderson

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