Stop Living in Denial About Your Website Conversion Rate

Did you know that the average conversion rate can vary between 1.5 -6.0% depending on the specific niche in which your site operates? As a conversion rate optimization expert, I can't even tell you the number of times a client has told me they have a "solid conversion rate" of around 2% or whatever – in an industry where the average rate is more than double that. Here, just take a look at the average conversion rate (for all of 2013 on Google AdWords traffic) for some of the top niches:

Retail / Consumer Shopping: 3.6%

Electronics / Computers: 4.8%

Telecom / Internet: 6.3%

For a full listing of the average conversion rates for the primary niches on the Internet, just check out the AdWords Performance Grader and compare to your own conversion rate.

So if your c / r is literally ½ of the industry standard for your niche, then you aren't just leaving some money on the table each month: You are leaving an entire lifestyle on the table every month! Seriously, just imagine how much your online profits would shoot up if you could generate double the number of conversions you have now-with the exact same marketing budget.

It's a game changer, simple as that. For this very reason, companies like Sony, Netflix, and even mighty Apple have all hired conversion rate optimization firms. Now the reason they have to hire outside firms to fix their low conversions isn't so simple because it could be caused by any one of these issues:

Wrong Price Point or Business Model (for website)

Weak or Ineffective Marketing Funnel (s)

Poor Keyword Research and Targeting in Traffic Campaigns

Inconsistent Offer Throughout Your Sales Funnel

Bad Programming Which Kills SEO, Slows Load Times, and Causes Site Glitches

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Poor Copywriting

Confusing Site Navigation, Layout, and Overall Design

Improper Configuration of Plugins, Software Platforms, Shopping Carts, etc.

All told, a website has 1,000's of components. From the lines of copywriting to the lines of programming, any one mistake can kill conversions. However, a website owner can't afford to just shut the site down and start over or afford rounds of endless split testing to try and isolate the problems. Instead, and not knowing where to start, most website owners simply concentrate on driving more traffic to the site to boost sales when the c / r is, and always has been, the real reason they can't generate decent profits.

A CRO expert, however, uses web traffic analysis to find all of the issues that are killing your online profits. To do so, they employ software tools like Google Analytics, Optimizely, or even Crazy Egg. Once identified, the conversion rate experts will fix the problems and then verify the new, higher conversion rate, via testing over a large sample size. Once fixed, not only will the site generate more sales from the same traffic volume: The increased sales will continue rolling in for up to years after the project has been completed.

To be honest, hiring a conversion rate optimization company may not make sense for your online business at this time. However, at least click on the link above and check to see where your c / r stands compared to the benchmark rates for your niche. At least that way you'll know if fixing a low conversion rate or getting more traffic is the key to generating those online profits you want and deserve. But don't guess-just click on the link and find out for sure!

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