The Best Keyword Research Starts With a Quality Tool

Free search traffic is the website and business owners dream right? What a thought to just throw up some content on the web and not have to pay a nickel for traffic to your website that instantly turn into profits.

If only it was that easy.

The truth is to get free traffic you need a plan, the right tools and knowledge that can help you do the research you need to not only bring traffic to your websites, but to bring traffic that stands a chance of converting into a beneficial action!

I remember when I first started out online (back in 2003) I tried a lot of traffic sources. I paid for banner advertising, submission services and doing simple things like submitting my websites to search engines.

That resulted in some traffic, but there was something in the beginning that never even occurred to me; and I certainly wasn't taught. What type of traffic was I really getting? I was so focused on the numbers and volume that I hadn't given much thought to targeting. I guess I just thought any old traffic would magically bring in a percentage that wanted what I was offering.

As the years have passed I have figured out that if I'm going to maximize the benefit from search traffic (free or paid), I need to have some tools at my disposal and I have to use those tools to extract the best keywords that draw the best, most relevant traffic.

The most important investment a niche or search marketer should zero in on is a Keyword Research Tool with SEO Analysis functionality.

You use these tools to find keywords and keyword phrases that people are searching on. You filter those and sift out the keyword (s) that are most relevant to your content or product; those keywords that stand the best chance to bring to your site action-takers and buyers.

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Then you use that tool to do competitive research so you can pin down keywords that you stand a chance of competing against.

If you have a young website or a site you haven't done much in the SEO department with, you are going to have to find those keywords where the competition is very weak. As your site and web pages age, gain popularity and strength you can target more and more competitive keywords.

But gathering all the data and those stats by hand would be a real chore and take many, many hours to put together and analyze in spreadsheets. Time you should be spending on more important things like marketing, link building, delivering content, products or your promises to your customers.

With a good Keyword Research Tool you can shorten the time you spend on your keyword research and competitive research tasks dramatically. So if you are serious about getting quality search traffic and saving time, your efforts will definitely benefit from a quality keyword research tool.

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