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The Importance Of A Fitness Marketing Blog For Health Clubs

The importance of online marketing for any health club is tremendous, however for smaller clubs or family owned gyms it is even more crucial. It seems many of the larger health clubs or franchised gyms don't invest a great deal of money or time into search engine marketing and for good reason. They don't have to. Larger clubs and franchised gyms tend to land on the front page of Google for almost any keyword because they have a lot of online reviews and a name that stretches the country. This is not the case for the smaller gym. They do not have as many online reviews nor as many outside websites directing traffic to their homepage and therefore they rarely land on the front page of Google. So what can the smaller guys do to end up in the same ranks with the big players where they can fight fairly over clients? They can start blogging.

Blogging For SEO

Although blogging is often associated with a younger individual endlessly documenting every single little detail of their monotonous life, blogging can serve many practical purposes for just about any business. To begin with a blog is the true hub of any search engine optimization strategy. It provides a location on your website for new content to be rest. With new content comes new search engine crawlers and new keywords. Blogging on a daily basis helps to keep your website towards the front page of Google because Google's algorithm for determining the order of results is largely based on how up to date a website is.

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In general it seems that most franchised gyms and the larger chain health clubs decide to skip blogging all together. This may not be the best decision considering it provides an opportunity for smaller health clubs that do blog to catch up to their Google ranking but franchised gyms have their brand to help them where smaller gyms don't. So blogging if you are a family owned gym is extremely important to help land you a spot on the front page of search engine results where you can compete with the big players.

Blogging AKA Specialty Training

The other reason to have a company blog is to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise of the industry you serve. Most company websites do one thing. They tell the visitor about their services and products and then they prompt the visitor to sign up or buy. This just isn't the winning formula for converting sales. Companies need to show interested clients what their services can provide and they need to demonstrate their knowledge of the industry. A blog allows them to do both. It allows for the company to creatively demonstrate what they are capable of and what they have done in the past. Blogging in this manner is really a form of specialty training in which the company is teaching the framework to do something that perhaps their clients would be interested in understanding. If blog posts are carefully crafted and well written then they will work to build credibility for your business along with helping your company website to reach a higher Google ranking.

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