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The Struggle Of Facebook Group Owners

Facebook groups have supposedly been outdated by Facebook pages, but due to Facebook updates within the last two years Facebook pages have been restricted to a less than 15% appearance in the news feeds of people who actually like the page.

This has resulted in a return of Facebook groups as a means of communicating your message to the masses on Facebook. Adding people to Facebook groups is so much easier than having to get people to actually like your page. Groups are a community and communities are made up of people who share a common interest. Once you discover how to get an abundance of people who share a common interest into a group that they are interested in then you are well on the way to creating a successful Facebook group.

In order to achieve a reasonable amount of activity in your Facebook group you must firstly understand that notifications from Facebook about group activity are mainly sent to friends of members who have posted in the group. Facebook notifications about group activity are one of the biggest reasons that people revisit your group after initially joining or being added.

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This means that if a large percentage of your group members are actually friends on Facebook then your group will be revisited many times every time a member makes a post. That is the biggest decider between failure and success and you are about to discover exactly how to get your Facebook group members to add their friends.

In order to get your Facebook group members to add their friends you must first make sure that you have a group that people value. For instance a local for sale group is very valuable to the people who post in the group because it is the difference between selling their item and not selling it.

Once you are sure that your Facebook group is of real value to its members you are set for success and the details in the next few paragraphs will really work for you.

The most viewed posts in any group are the pinned post and the header image. If you can create a pinned post and a header image advertising that these positions are available for free for any member to post an advert in for 4 days in order for them to get huge exposure to potential customers and all that they need to do to claim this free advertising space is to add 300 people to your Facebook group.

This will get anyone that is posting in your group already to add 300 people to your group in order to get a free advert in the prime positions on the page. Once the 4 days is over you then return to the original header image and pinned post offering free advertising space for group members adding. The person that has added members to your group will still post in your group but now they will have 300 friends in the group who will receive notifications about their posts and create lots of group activity.

This is a rinse and repeat method of growing your Facebook group with very little effort from yourself.

Source by Paul McCarthy

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