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The Top Three Local Business Holiday Marketing Tips For Tough Times

The holiday shopping season is upon us, but the current downturn in the economy leaves less room for holiday cheer. Shoppers may be spending less money as a result of the tight economy, but they will definitely be spending money this holiday season.

This means it is more important than ever to know how to market your business more effectively to avoid missing out on sales.

Here are some recession proof holiday marketing tips to help your business not only survive, but thrive during this lean holiday season and beyond:

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1. Go Directly To Your Customers:

Generate more sales for your local business by marketing directly to the target market within your surrounding community. These are the potential customers driving by your business on a daily basis who may not be aware of your business, or need an incentive to visit you.

Drive in more profits by creating a direct mail campaign that will give the target market in your surrounding community a compelling reason to visit your business. You can create a sales letter series focused on a special holiday offer, or a postcard series highlighting monthly special offers.

2. Give Them A Gift They Can Actually Use:

Give your customers gift certificates as a way of thanking them for their business. Include a gift certificate for $ 25 (or any amount) with their bill or receipt during the holidays.

Or give away a product, such as a free pair of earrings or a tie, with the purchase of a dress or suit for the holidays if you are a clothing store owner.

You can also generate referrals by giving customers gift certificates they can give to their friends as a holiday gift. For example, a Massage Therapist can give away gift certificates offering a free 30 minute massage for new visitors to current clients.

The current client would put their name as the giver on the gift certificate, so the Massage Therapist can keep track of the referrals; and give the referrer a Thank You gift.

3. The More The Merrier … And More Profits

Create profitable joint ventures with your business neighbors or complimentary businesses. You can do co-op holiday marketing by exchanging gift certificates to give to each other's customers as a holiday promotion.

You can create a holiday gift guide that each participating business can donate a gift certificate to; and all participating businesses can distribute the holiday gift guides to their customers.

Finally, add some much needed holiday cheer during these tough times by hosting a holiday party for your local community.

You can create co-op marketing opportunities for your business neighbors and complimentary businesses by allowing them to donate services or products for the party. They can also co-sponsor the party by helping with the funding.

Your holiday party will help your local community learn more about your business, and unless businesses businesses while also spreading goodwill that will be remembered well into the next year … and whenever they are in need of your product or service.

Source by Tresaca Hamilton

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