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The Wonders of Keyword Elite 2.0

Tools and software that claim to show killer tactics on how to suck insane profits from prominent search engines especially Google keep on manifesting but the problem is how actually do you get the real ones? A good number of affiliates can testify time without number by counting on how many times they get scammed as a result of buying worthless blue prints and systems that does not show promises.

Gurus that flood non-profitable e books in the market has made a good number of affiliates more and more skeptic. Well as things may be, being too skeptic does not make you a successful affiliate marketer rather keeps you at a static position. We all know how you feel when ripped not only once but numerous times but I think further investigations like reading authentic testimonies on products is a better way of avoiding such experience.

As a result of this, we now have more passive readers than active buyers. Keyword elite 2.0 has come for a rescue with advanced tutorials on how to become a successful affiliate marketer and generates buyer keywords. A good number of affiliates think that by getting their adverts ranked number 1 on Google will make them rich but if you are having such impression, then thinking twice should be a better thing to do. Ranking number one on Google no doubt attracts numerous traffic but don't be surprised that 98% of those traffics are passive readers who just came for sight seeing and website navigation. Most importantly our target should focus more on fashioning out those buyer keywords that attract active buyers for numerous sales and commissions.

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Just like its predecessor keyword elite1.0 that was released way back in 2005 which took the Internet world by storm, keyword elite 2.0 has been modified with the new pay per click rules that help affiliates to make smarter keyword searches. It tutors on how to get the real buyer keywords rather than getting keywords that will attract unnecessary traffics with little or no sales. Keyword elite 2.0 will also tutor you on how to get low competition niches and decongest the congested traffic in pay per click advertising.

Not only tutoring you on how to adapt to the new pay per click rules and getting low competition niches it will also tutor you on how you would get big sites and take them for JVs, revealing on where top shots get their insane traffic, use the advanced Google site targets to find big name advertising partners, giving accurate analyses on how to get other sites keyword targets, how to use search engine denominator to outplay the big sites and other amazing tutorials.


The first package is the key word surge: this helps to build long tail keywords with great speed and also generate the largest and most diversified key word lists.

Second package is the market research sleight: this one helps to find those keywords that are not used mostly by people but quite effective in making huge profits and it also helps to find low cost keywords for all major pay per click search engines like Google and yahoo .

Third package is the AdWords time machine: this helps to know whether an affiliate is benefiting from AdWords or not and also uncovers AdWords advertisers key word list.

Fourth package is the search engine denominator, which helps in knowing the reasons why your competition is outranking you in Google and other top search engines. Also teaches on how your web site and search engine strategies aligns with the top sites, shows on how many links you need to get a top Google and yahoo rankings and many more.

Fifth package: AdWords competition sniper helps to monitor AdWords advertisers in real time and get the real clue on how they run their campaigns. Also helps to know whether a keyword or website combination will yield or lose and it also helps your competition test keyword to detect whether you will lose or profit.

Sixth package: the advanced AdWords site targeter. This helps to get top targeted sites that you can advertise and also helps to discover-hidden sites that experts normally use to drive traffic to their sites.

Seventh package: this is about the diamond miner that helps in uncovering marketers with huge mailing list and promote yours.

Eighth package: this consists of cost per action magnet. This helps to discover hot cost per action offers with the click of one button and helps to find up to 1300 cost per action and affiliate offers for perfect moneymakers and with high paying offers.

These above are the packages it comes with and all with well-illustrated videos. I will say that the keyword elite 2.0 software is very amazing and has contributed a lot to my pay per click business. My profit margins are now high to compare to the previous days when i was without keyword elite 2.0 software.

Using the system requires more experienced affiliates although it claims that beginners can also benefit from it but are not discouraged from getting it anyway.

Source by Mark Okechukwu

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