Three Common Complaints Regarding FAP Turbo Swiss Trading Robot

FAP Turbo is one of the most popular trading robots today. In fact hundreds of traders are either choosing FAP Turbo or shifting from another trading robot every month. However there are still some complaints that this robot is receiving and this is what this article will discuss. Here are the three most common complaints regarding FAP Turbo:

1.) 24/7 Trades

If you are using FAP, you should understand that this robot will not work if it is not connected to the Internet. If you have installed in your computer, the robot will shut down as you shut your computer down. The only thing that you can do in order to fix this is to purchase a Virtual Private Server or VPS. This costs $ 70 per month, and is quite expensive for most small scale traders. However, this hosting service will allow your robot to participate in trades 24/7, which will definitely give you a positive flow of cash.

2.) Accuracy and Profitability

Some traders are complaining about the performance of FAP Turbo. According to them this robot does not have the ability to deliver at least 95% winning percentage with more than 5000% net profit every year. This is the common complain of people who have failed to update the database of FAP Turbo. Most of the time these are the people who believes in automated success, and they are expecting no less than being successful without lifting a finger. You need to understand that an out-dated trading robot can only be as good as an inferior trading robot that will give you results that you do not want.

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3.) Installation Process

Although the developers of this robot already provide a set of instructional videos, there are still some complaints about the difficulty of the installation process. If you follow these videos properly, I doubt that you will have problems with the installation and configuration of FAP Turbo. These videos are not that hard to understand, and in fact, these videos even assume that this is the first time you will be entering Forex trade.

Source by Nicole Anne Smith

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