Tim Godfrey's and Steven Clayton's Niche Blueprint Reviewed!

Most people in the Internet marketing world will have at least heard of Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton the creators of the highly successful commission blueprint e-book, but many do not know that on the 12th of January 2009 their follow-up product niche blueprint will be launching. This new course is all about setting up niche e-commerce websites and the authors have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with the method revealed.

Over an eight week period from launch date commission blueprint sold over a staggering 15,000 units! Quite simply the Internet marketing communities gobbled this course up.

There have been many, many success stories made from that course and so naturally the interest is growing for this new course.

The core elements of the main part of the course consists of 23 videos and 26 manuals put together from the experience of both Tim and Steven, the main authors, and additional input from e-commerce experts David and Michael Hermansen.

There is no doubt that the knowledge conveyed in the upcoming manuals and videos will really fast start the success of the readers online web e-commerce stores.

In this course you will not be told to start selling e-book's, software or working as an affiliate, instead you will be setting up e-commerce websites where there is no or very little competition.

Taking into account what I've seen so far I would say this course removes all of the major obstacles faced by anyone starting out with web e-commerce. The truth is I have yet to come across anything that even remotely comes close to this product.

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Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton have been so successful that they have even been featured on no less than the New York Times and Fox News. The interesting thing is that they have had tremendous success in niches that you would never have even thought of like for instance "train horns".

Another thing that I like about these two is the fact that they show rigorous proof of their income unlike many other marketers who will simply tell you what they have made.

For instance within the course they actually show you one of their sites (which I must say is incredibly simple) that they were able to sell for $ 173,000 just recently!

I predict that their upcoming niche blueprint course is going to sell just as good or better than their previous commission blueprint course and that as a result many, many more new bees to the Internet will be very successful in and beyond the coming year.

Source by Jayen Woods

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