Unleashing the Secrets of Search Engines


Search engines are not created the same. Currently they are 3 giants who dominate the search engine which is Google, Yahoo and Bing (formerly MSN) Google is leading the pack in terms of popularity of search engine compared to Yahoo and finally Bing. According to Yahoo finance, Google retained a commanding US lead at 64.7 percent through July, down from 65 percent in June, Yahoo's market share dipped to 19.3 percent in July from 19.6 percent in June and Bing remains about 1.9 percent of the US market share.

It is also known that Google users are often male, older and richer, therefore have more money to spend but Bing users are more likely female and older and the easiest to convert to buyers. These statistics are based on Pew Study.

There are some search engine jargon that you likely come across and it helps to master these terminologies:

Organic Search refers to search results produced by search engine when indexing unpaid submission.

Paid Search is basically ads that have been paid to appear in sponsorship banners at the top of pages and in some cases like Google, top right margin. Visitors are almost guaranteed to view their ads but the response rate is still debatable.

Spiders, crawlers or robots are automated programs used by Google and Yahoo to visit web sites and index their contents. It has nothing to do with The Matrix as some believe.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of tweaking your web sites and pages to gain higher or top placements in search engines results. No one can claim they are experts in these fields because the algorithm is always a secret and the best one can do is make an educated guess.

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Even though many claim there are over 200 million registered web sites in cyberspace, with the right mindset and skills, you just need to discover more about search engine and how it works and you can dominate top pages on the Internet.

Source by Charles Stuart Gregory

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