Using Google Analytics to Track Website Traffic

If you are promoting a website or blog on the internet, you need to be able to track your traffic. You want to know where your traffic is coming from and how good that traffic is. Many online entrepreneurs spend hundreds of hours marketing online without analyzing what is working for them. The good news Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates the needed statistics about all the visitors to your websites. In my opinion, it is a must for any online entrepreneur. This article will explain how to get started using GA.

What information does Google Analytics provide?

GA provides valuable information regarding how much traffic your site is getting and where that traffic is coming from. It can track visitors from all types of referrals including search engines, pay-per-click, e-mail marketing, display advertising, and other digital links. The information you get is very useful. The main six pieces of information that is provided is as follows:

1) The number of visits to your site
2) Where those visitors were referred from
3) The average number of page views for those visitors
4) The average time the users spend on the site
5) The percentage of new visits
6) The Bounce Rate (the number of people who immediately leave)

Setting up Google Analytics

Setting up a GA account is very simple. Of course, go to and log in with your Gmail account. Then follow the step by step tutorial. It is very simple, perhaps the most intimidating part for a newbie would be pasting some necessary code into your website; however, the directions are well written.

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GA allows anyone to analyze their website traffic like a pro! Regardless of the type of online promotion that you are doing, you need to know what is working. Of course, you will put most of your effort towards the tactics that are getting the most targeted traffic. Most successful internet marketers use several tactics to drive traffic and increase website ranking in the search engines. For example if you are doing article marketing, video marketing, and pay-per-click, you will want to know if the money you are investing in pay-per-click is really worth it.

With the ability to analyze traffic flow, you can experiment with different marketing campaigns using different sources and then track what works best. I have several video and article campaigns for different websites and GA tells me what is really working.

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