VPS Hosting – An Affordable Server Solution

Many Webmasters have great difficulty when selecting the perfect web hosting provider. There are thousands of providers and resellers available, but making the right decision demands more research than ever before.

For any online business, choosing the correct hosting provider can mean the difference between success and failure. If you have an online business and your shared hosting plan continues to crash – it's time to consider a more reliable solution.

Switching to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting package will be a more reliable and cost-effective solution for your business. In the past, if Webmasters wanted server hosting, had to rent or purchase a dedicated server. Thanks to virtualization software, VPS hosting can store multiple virtual server environments on one physical server. Each virtual server is completely isolated from its neighbors. Each VPS has their own IP address and is seen as a unique server.

Why is VPS hosting cheaper than a dedicated server? A dedicated server is one psychical server that's completely devoted on one website or blog. Each server takes up valuable space in the datacentre. Also there are the overheads of keeping the dedicated server running.

For example, let's say that your business purchased 3 dedicated servers. Each dedicated server takes up one rack of space in the datacentre. Now if you purchased 3 virtual dedicated servers these are stored on one physical server. You're sharing the costs of running one server within a datacentre rather than paying for three psychical dedicated servers.

A VPS is more environmentally friendly and a good method of reducing your carbon footprint. A number of businesses keep their server located on their work premises. Renting a virtual server within a data center keeps your data safe and secure.

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Unlike a shared hosting package, each virtual server is completely isolated from the other virtual servers. On a shared hosting package, if the server fails every website or blog on that server fails, but on virtual server your online presence will continue to run. Virtual environments offer added security allowing the freedom and flexibility to manage your own server.

Dedicated hosting provides better performance because you have your own resources. Websites and blogs that use dedicated hosting will experience a faster rate of page up loads. High traffic websites and eCommerce websites will greatly benefit from VPS hosting. When you have a spike of traffic your VPS package will be able to cope better with the extra traffic.

A shared hosting package is a good place to start when you have a website or blog. Overtime, your traffic will grow and so will the demands of your online presence. It's important to have the best hosting platform for your online presence.

If you're beginning to outgrow your shared hosting place, it's time to consider server hosting.

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