VPS Hosting Service – An Integral Part of Any Business Organization

The abbreviation VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Before going any further let us elucidate upon the term "server". Simply speaking, a server refers to a computer system which plays the role of a host to different files or data and can provide access to many through the network. Thus, servers are an indispensable part of any organization, where simultaneously several computers are required to access common data, which ideally are stored in one location or server.

A virtual private server is the process of compartmentalizing a particular physical server into several servers in such a manner, that each server can run independently on its own private, dedicated machine. Let us now come to understand what is hosting service. Hosting service refers to those organizations which let out space on the server they own for use by their customers, and also provide internet connections.

Virtual private server hosting is a modern and greatly popular phenomenon in the world of web hosting services. It combines in the dual benefits of a dedicated server hosting at the economical cost of a shared server hosting. Technically there are wide ranges of VPS hosting services in the market including cPanel and Directadmin control panels, with the provision of instant set up and configuration according to individual needs. The services that the virtual private server hosting companies provide can be of three broad categories-Managed Hosting, Unmanaged Hosting and Unmetered Hosting. The last two categories of services offered are less expensive than the first one.

Coming to the first category of managed virtual private server hosting service, it has some unrivalled key features. These include round the clock, through out the year monitoring by a team of expert, certified system administrators and professionals. Other advantages include terrific networking speed of 120 plus gigabits, and provision of direct internet connectivity and telecom connections through AT&T, AboveNet, Savvis, Verio, Global Crossing, Level 3, and Time Warner Telecom.

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The virtual private server hosting service enables one to host Internet or web hosting servers, superior quality radio servers, game servers, adult content servers and personal Unix®, Linux, Windows® servers. Internet access enables one to have a thorough research done in the field of VPS hosting services, weighing the pros and cons of all the competitors and getting the best deal in the market in terms of quality and price.

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