What Does SEO Mean?

This is for all you newbie's who have heard the phrase SEO and wondering what on earth it is all about and what it actually means.

SEO is a shortened phrase for search engine optimization.

This is a process that is used to make a site optimized for search engines such as Google, aol and yahoo etc. There are on-site and off-site SEO techniques that you can use to higher your search engine ranking.

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Why SEO is needed?

Whether your website is a personal site or a business site, one thing you need is visitors.

It is true that many methods for traffic building exist, all are effective but one you should always consider is search engine traffic.

Organic traffic from search engines comes when you rank high, naturally, on search engines for various keywords.

This is something you should aim for.

It is a fact that the majority of searches who use Google, only click on listings that appear above the fold. With this in mind your goal should be to appear in the top 3 search results.

Where does a SEO beginner start?

I am going to write articles for beginners. I won't use big overstated terms and I will take it slow.

SEO is not rocket science but it's not easy either.

You must stick with it if you want to succeed. You will get the hang of it.

What you will need.

– A website to play with

– Patience

– Tons of coffee

– And finally a website like the one below to guide you through your learning.

Right, that is the basic low down on what is search engine optimization .

Source by Carrie-Ann Sudlow

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