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What is a Web Copy Specialist?

Web Copy Specialists are trained expert Web writers. Whether they write promotional Sales or Landing Pages, or general content for the Web, they know how to format the copy to make it easier to scan, as well as easier to read.

Since they write primarily for the Web, their copy will be SEO enhanced, so that search engines find the targeted keywords, used in a relevant, clear and concise manner. This kind of copy easily makes its way to the forefront of GOOGLE search results.

When you sell on the Web, it is imperative to have this kind of copy on your Sales or Landing Pages. Web Copy Specialists know how to use words that are results driven. To get prospects to take an action, whether it be moving them to the "order now," button, or to a Squeeze Page that capture emails, the end result is the same. Conversions are the keys to successes.

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There are millions of search results for just about any keyword phrase you can think of. Do your keywords work for you or against you in search engine queries? The words on your pages determine where your placement will be in search results.

It is of vital importance that a professional write your copy if you expect to be competitive. Many Sales Pages and Landing Pages are written by CEO's who find out the hard way, that although their message content is informative, the Page does not SELL a product or service.

Then they wonder why company X is selling ten times more of the same basic product at a price, which is above their own. They read the Sales Page copy of the competitor, and do not "get" why or how it converts so much better than their own.

Their copy, they think is good or better than company X. They are too close to it because they authored it; therefore, they cannot see to be objective about their own written document. However, this trend is closing fast.

The value of well-written Sales copy is what makes a Web Copy Specialist a specialist. They understand what it takes to get a reader to move from being a "visitor" to a customer. They know how to search targeted keywords to see where the competitors rank in search results, then use the results to write copy which will outrank them.

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