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What's In A Title But A Name

What is a title? Titles are names that are given to everything. Mr., Ms., sheriff, manager and SEO specialist are all titles given to things to describe who or what you are talking about. Web page titles are given to website pages. These web page titles give the search engines a brief couple word description to index the site's pages by. These webpage titles are very important with getting your site ranked.

Each web page title for each individual page should be unique. They should be a brief 4 to 6 word description of the page they reside on. Many webmasters leave the web page title as "untitled document" or "company name". This is not a good practice to do as you are not giving the search engines any relevant information about the pages that they are crawling. You should try to use keywords in your web page title to give more credit to your pages. Remember also to keep them as short as you can because the longer the web page titles are the less weight given to each keyword that is contained in the web page title. Also, After 58 characters, the web page title in the search engine results page will be truncated and will not be visible to the reader.

Everyone talks about the Meta tags called description and keywords but you never see as much about the web page title tag. While many people state that the description tag and the keyword tag are of no value (I still use them and believe full heartedly that every site needs them.), The web site title tag still hold as much importance now as it did in the past .

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A fairly good practice would be to try to start your web page title with your keyword and end with your company name. That way your keywords come first and yet all those that like to brand their pages, you know who you are ("Company name" titles), can still have your name on every page.

There are many details that go into creating your web page titles. This is just an article to get your minds thinking about the types of titles you are using and what can you do to better them not only for the search engines but for your viewers as viewers are more likely to click on your link from the search engines if the link contains the keywords that the viewer typed in. Keep in mind that when a keyword is typed in a search engine if it is in the title text the search engine displays it will be bold typed or highlighted in some way to pull the potential clients into your link. Hopefully if you read this it will spark an interest in you to go out and find more detailed information on what you can do to create a traffic building title tag .– jmt

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