Who Does an Email Address Belong To? Here is How to Find Out the Owner of an Email From Home

Are you one of those who are asking themselves "who does this email address belong to?" In order to find out who an email belongs to or how to go about searching for the owner, there are certain things you should know first.

1) Unknown emails could be spam mails which are harmful to your computer software's.
2) Be wary of any mail you get that you cannot remember or identify the sender. Most cyber crimes or internet frauds are committed or initiated via the email.

You may not asking yourself "who does this email address belong to" because of spam or fraud but please note that no matter what the reason is, you can easily find out who an email address belongs to from the comfort of your home.

Receiving unknown mails is no new thing. Anyone who has an email address must have received his or her fair share of unwanted and spam mails. Fortunately for us all, we can now use the Internet to find information about a person using his or her e-mail to carry out the search.

So, in order to find out who does an email belong to, you have two main available online options.

1) If you are not trying to find the exact name of the person who owns an email address but looking for some clues on who could be sending you messages via the electronic mail, then you can conduct an ip address trace to find the location of the person who is sending you those messages. You will not get the exact address but the ip address is good enough to tell you where the mails are coming from. To find the Ip address, of any person, you need to click on "View Full Header" under where you have the subject and sender of the mail. This will tell you the IP and address, you can then put the Ip address into the search box of sites such as ip2location.com to find the city and state of the person.

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2) The second way to get the thing done is by running a reverse address lookup. This is very much like a reverse cell phone lookup search in its method of operation. To do this, you need to look for and find a website that offers reverse search services and simply enter the address into their search box. It is in fact very easy to search for the owner of an email address by a reverse search look up.

Some companies provide this service for free while others do not. The charges are however very minimal – as little as $ 20. Some providers of this service will not charge you if the search proves to be unsuccessful, but there are others that will why is is important to take the time to looking for a good directory.

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