Why A Website Or Domain Name Is A Bad Valentine's Day Gift

Over the past few years, we have seen many people gift a domain name or website to their near and dear ones, for different occasions. But websites or domain names make the worst kind of gifts, which become more of a liability rather than a thing to cherish. Over the past years, although we have been in the business of selling domain names and hosting space, we realize that there are some instances when a domain or website is just not the right thing to gift. It burdens everyone in the process and ensures that it will never get renewed. In this article, we discuss why Valentine's Day is not the appropriate occasion for gifting a domain name or website.

Incomplete Content

Most people gift only a single page website with a photograph or a couple of pages with some poems or art work. The websites are relatively incomplete and do not have any quality content like a website should. Although it is not meant to be a commercial venture, the website should at least have some aim or motive, rather than just symbolize a relationship.

Overt Publicity

A website gift may not go down very well with everyone. While some guys may appreciate suck geeky, nerdy gifts, there will definitely be a lot who may think that it is worthless or improper. When buying such a technical gift, there are lot of factors to keep in mind, especially based on the needs of the person to whom the gift is being given. Not everyone appreciates their relationship being advertised so overtly and publicly without any concrete basis. If the website is going to remain locked or private, what was the use of having it in the first place, instead why not just make a page on Facebook or Twitter?

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White Elephant

Some girlfriends / boyfriends may appreciate the gesture of gifting them a website for their blog, home business, social campaigns or even hobby, but ultimately, a website which was purchased without thought is going to go to waste. They will definitely not update the website if they have not made some place in their mental schedule and the website was sprung upon them by surprise. It is exactly like gifting them a puppy or kitten, which they were never prepared to take care of. Not only are they saddled with it, but they may also feel bad to give it up, especially if it is gifted to them by a loved one.

Renewal Cost

What happens to a website gift after the first year is over? Will the gift giver renew it? Or does the recipient of the gift need to renew it? Whose name will it be registered on? All these questions pose a problem for both the donor and recipient. If the person gifting it renews it, it means that it becomes an additional burden for him, assuming he has to gift something new every year, in addition to the website. If he doesn't renew it, and the onus is upon the recipient to keep it alive, then the entire life of the gift is cut short.

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