Why and How Your Salary Should Never Fall Below Fifty-Thousand Dollars a Month

Not everyone is going to start their internet business and expand their MLM business on the internet and get up to making fifty to one hundred thousand dollars a month. But in reality it is not that difficult and I am sure you can.

First thing you need to focus on is developing exposure … whether it is for yourself or for your business. This is not difficult or expensive. You can use a variety of free marketing techniques including; MySpace, Video Marketing with U-Tube, or Article Marketing. I generate hundreds of leads a week from these sources for next to nothing because I know how to effectively use them.

But even more so, I get thousands of people to see my logo, learn about Jonathan Budd or GRN or RFS or whatever I choose to be promoting. I have had close to 10,000 URL clicks using article marketing with almost 100,000 thousand article views. Driven tons of traffic through my MySPACE campaigns, yet I have had the most traffic, for free, come through my video marketing. But also, I've hosted viral forum posts, I like blogging, without paying a dime for most of these traffic sources I have not only developed thousands and thousands of free leads. I have developed name recognition as well.

Secondly, I recommend either marketing only high ticket items, marketing only your own products, or marketing high ticket items and your own products. I have treid being involved in one low budget MLM business … I made 3,000 a month working like a dog seven days a week. I tried running multiple Low income MLM business … I maxed out at 5,000 a month working even harder. Now I consistently make between 50 and 75 thousand dollars a month … and I have to say, there truly aren't enough people interested in vitamin supplements, the latest health drink, even beauty products to have a down line big enough to sustain these types of profits.

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But if you are running one of these smaller commission MLM opportunities and are happy with it be aware, you can probably increase you profits drastically (staying in this same network) by increasing your leverage.

Normally what people are missing is a good strategy for their business plan, the proper system of up-sells and cross-sells, and the knowledge to know when something is worth taking the time to do it and when it isn't.

The good news is you don't have to look very far to find all these things that are missing which can increase your profits tremendously while reducing the time you spend working because all you are probably missing is good time management skills and effective system development / management. All of these things lie within you know and only take a well thought out plan to manifest.

Source by Jonathan Budd

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