Why Competitor Analysis Is Important For SEO

The websites are meant to do business. These are widely used to generate online leads. The website is considered as the virtual office which works for you day and night. This also helps in taking your business to different geographies. How it helps in improving the performance of business? The philosophy associated with this is that if your website ranks on the top of the searches with relevant keywords that it will automatically fetch traffic. The more the traffic, the better will be the chances of the conversion.

Taking the website on the top of the ranking is no more a child's play. It takes lots of efforts to take the website on the top and to maintain that ranking. But before initiating the search engine optimization process, it is mandatory to do the competitor analysis.

What is being done in this?

Before discussing this, let me discuss competitor analysis. It is the comprehensive analysis of the websites which are in the same business line. In the analysis, the complete information is tracked about the rival website. The SEO professionals look into the ranking of the competitor on the different keywords. There are certain tools available online which help in providing complete details of the rival websites. Let me discuss few tools which you can use to check the competitor website.

Open Site Explorer: This is a very powerful tool which helps in providing every detail of the competitor website. Some important matrix which this tool gives us includes domain, authority, page authority, spam score, established links, etc. Apart from this, it also provides information about the top pages related to the domain. Another very vital piece of information which is extracted from this is linking domains. This provides us the information about the main domains which are providing backlinks to the competitor. It also discloses the information about the anchor text. With this, you get the idea how the links are provided with the text. In simple words, you get the complete insight about the top keywords of the competitor website. One very interesting feature of open site explorer is it provides compare link metrics. In this, you have the flexibility to compare two different websites and their scores.

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Why is this important?

The competitor analysis helps us in preparing our SEO strategy. With this, you get the idea about how your competitor is promoting his / her website. As you get complete details of the different keywords along with the linking domain, you have the option to start in the same manner. Moreover, you can also make up a new strategy while keeping this as your base plan to come on the top of the ranking.

Source by Rahul Ranjan Singh

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